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Tamiya 1:72 Mitsubishi Zero A6M2b


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Next one on the list after the Hellcat is its old adversary, the Mitsubishi Zero. This is Tamiya's recent A6M2b version in 1:72:


For the connoisseur of injection moulded kits, this one is a masterpiece. The mouldings look perfect, with beautifullly fine surface detail:


Tiny details are perfectly rendered, with impressively delicate sprue gates:


The cowling is moulded in one-piece thus eliminating any difficult to finish joint lines:


Two canopy options are included: open and closed. The sliding canopy for the open version is thin enough to make a vacform one unnecessary:


Instructions are comprehensive, and include a sheet containing background information:


This boxing includes decal options for eight different aircraft:


Looking forward to this one...

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Any aftermarket planned for this?


No, apart from maybe some belts. My pal got a resin engine and cockpit - I'll look at them again tomorrow (my son, my pal an I are building three 1:72 Zeros - Two Tamiya and one Matchbox!).



Now toying with the - frankly daft - idea of riveting the whole airframe.




...it would at least break up the monochrome paint scheme.

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