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Gloss coat

Marcel du Long

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Hi folks,


I'm i need of a good clear gloss coat to spray with my airbrush.

Till now I used a gloss coat from the spray can (Games Workshops' 'Ardcoat) but I need more control using an airbrush this time.


So does anybody use a nice to handle gloss coat?

Preferable an acrylic one.


Thnx in andvance!


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Parket Plus or Future is an option. It may need a drop of ammonia to break the surface tension (oppervlaktespanning) so it won't pearl.

I Always liked ModelMaster Metalizer clear coat, although I don't know if that's acrylic or not. Don't know how it goes over the different brands of acrylic.

I had good results with Tamiya or Gunze gloss clear. It does need some retarder or it will dry too fast and give you orange peel finish. I have HEARD (no personal experience) that if you use Tamiya or Gunze gloss clear diluted with Gunze lacqueur thinner it sprays super.


Hope this helps...a bit

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I'm swearing by it.... Brilliant!!! For the proper English speakers: the saying goes along the lines that you think something is so good or the like that you'd take an oath on it. In Dutch: To take an oath = "zweren"

            To swear = "vloeken"

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Ive always used Future built up in light layers through my Iwata Hp-cs which is all I've ever needed for  proceeding steps of decals and oil washes. The only problem I've ever had with it is a pebble like finish which sometimes occurs on on days of high humidity. Other then that its pretty good stuff, but perhaps not really what your after in terms of a super high gloss finish. Have you ever considered a polishing method ?


Doogs, your method above sounds interesting :huh:  I'll have to try that out at some stage.




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