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  1. I'm liking this beast. Something about that big radial 'donk' makes it look brutal. Makes the aircraft attached behind it look diminutive. Gunna keep an eye on this puppy! Oz
  2. Hi doc, when are you going to start on your "owl"? Cheers Oz

    1. DocRob


      Hi Ozzy, everytime I see the box in the stash I open it, look for the parts and the AM and think about that same question. But there are so many other great kits in my shelves and on the bench.... I have to finish my contribution to the Resin Group Build (Red Star 47) and the started BF-109 and it is not only planes I'm interested in, so there might be a tank or some Sci-Fi stuff in between. Many words for an 'I don't know', eh :).

      Hope to let you not too unsatisfied with that.

      Cheers Rob

  3. Hi splif, may I ask you how much these WnW kits are? I am thinking about purchasing a couple soon. Cheers Oz
  4. Thanks rob, be glad to help in any way. This thing makes p47 look like 1/48 scale. My first tip would be buy a circular table with a rotating top, very hard beast to manipulate with flaps down and gun bay doors open. Leave undercarriage / doors antenae's till last. Figure out where your going to put the thing when your finished. I didn't think that far ahead. Cheers Oz
  5. Thanks everybody for the positive feedback! Yes I spent a lot of time standing up due to its size, hand wobbles are more noticeable when u can't rely on the bench for support. I recommend to all who build this kit , don't mate the wings / fuselage to you absolutely have too, and strengthen the wing wing spar with ZM's aftermarket kit for the job. In hind sight of I ever do this kit again I would endeavour to build a jig that holds the kite vertical for ease of painting. Rivet before assembly, the engine cowlings rounded shape are hard to rivet once glued in position that I can tell you. Avoid the ZM - AM panels and latches, not a good fit, however the gun - ammo bays did work well. The scharge musik cannons need carefull attention to get the end of the barrels up to the right height, and the decals for the wheels were over sized to look convincing, hence why I left them off. If ZM ever released an A2 or A7 I would jump straight in again, this time I'd go for a blacked out theme. Cheers. Oz
  6. Hi all, well after 5 months of building my owl, I'm just about finished. It's a big kit, plenty of workbench space needed for a project this big. I'm looking foward to starting a new build, this one took too long. I'm happy with the result (including my in-corrections and stuff ups) but I'm happy with the result. I ended up using the Zoukei-Mura AM tyres without a tread pattern, they just looked a better fit than the Barracuda items I purchased (plus no front tyre in this kit to utilise!). I ended up choosing to spray the clear & matt paint from Mr Color spray rattle cans in favour of the Alclad method just to speed up the process. In hindsight I should of waited 24 hours for the clear to completely harden, which I did not ! leaving a heavy green patina from the color washes using Abeitlungs 502's oil paints. I like this stuff, worked well except for my lack of patience in applying the stuff. I actually thought about using a concrete wash from Ultimate weathering products on the top surfaces. I've had good results with this project on F4U-1A Corsair after watching a build review from the legend Paul Bretland of E-models's birdcage build. I decided not to use it, just leave it as is, my chain of thought is that these machines are warbirds, not showpiece's on a shop floor. I would rate this kit as 8.25 outta 10.0. Some of the parts were heavy with mould flash, no big deal, just time consuming to remedy. I have a Zoukei- Mura FW- 190 Ta 152 in my stash, it's seems to be a better kit, ie ; better moulds with less flash. The instructions were vague in pictorial detail in certain areas such as attachment points. But being ZM's 6th kit, I'm sure things will improve with every new release. Well, I've got a choice of kits to choose from for my next project- Trumpeters Me 263 A1-a heavy armament( kit no 02260) will be the next kit on the bench, the birdcage corsair, P47 Dottie Mae, Ta 152, these can wait, I've got the itch to build a WW2 kero burner hehe! (yes Controversary welcome about the 'kero' bit, hehe) Thanks everyone for their comments, I'll try a little harder with this 262, with more photos during the construction sequence this time, just acquiring AM bits for this kit before I start. Cheers . Ozzy
  7. http://
  8. Well done Jeroen, absolutely superb! Oz
  9. Still a bit of work on the under carriage doors to complete! That was my last piece of plastic card I could find to replicate some mounting brackets, yes I know their not accurate in any way, but I wanted to open up one of the 'donks' for visual interest. This model is probably 'ficticious' as I mixed the kit fuselage decals just to be a little different. I haven't been able to locate many photos on the web about these aircraft. But anyhow, I can live with it. Cheers. Oz
  10. Ok, I've got a couple of layers of Mr. Color clear and the decals applied, and now I've started to use a wash of Mig ammo PLW dark sea blue. First time I've tried this technique and I'm happy with the result. I've used white spirit to remove the excess with cotton buds, looks like I might give it another coat of clear before I begin using Abteulung 502 Aircraft Effects (set ABT 305) for colour tonal variation. This will be the first time I've tried this set of oil paints, so I want to completely 'seal- in' the first phase of weathering so I don't loose the first weathered effect. I will use Tamiya's pastel set set to enhance the exhaust stains and the gun powder residue from the ejector ports and gun barrel fairings. I tried to remove the seats and replace with the other kit parts but I've glued them in so good that I don't want to risk damaging anything so they will have to stay there with their molded on seat belts. I'll know better next time! Cheers. Oz