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Mark 'ozzy' Ostler

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  1. Thanks mikester, can't wait to invest some hours in building this weekend. My mojo is finally returning!
  2. thanks for the favourable comment ! I wanted to do a darker type of camouflage colour for my owl. I'm working 72 hours a week so I don't get a lot of bench time at the moment! Since last photo I have applied gloss coat and some decals. Will post more photos on weekend, hope to make a start with weathering and pastels. Cheers. Ozzy
  3. Nice work tom, looking foward to watching your 'owl' build
  4. Finally, the camaflage has been applied. Next step is to seal the entire model with Alclad clear gloss. Then I will start washes, filters and general weathering of the aircraft. The Fu 220 bottom radar antenae's were painted the wrong colours up, I will remedy that as well as other touch ups with the airbrush. The propeller hubs will be painted a darker colour of Tamiya XF-1 & XF-24 @3:1. I hope the XF 24 grey just warms the black for subletly, but I wanted to paint this owl with a darker paint scheme than the average. I am happy the RLM 75 is more prominent than the RLM 76. The Fu 212 radar antenae's will receive a coat of Matt Schwarz soon as well as the rear radar. The light lenses, gun sight, armoured windscreen plate will receive paint. Hopefully I will be able to apply the decals after some suitable replacements are sourced from web. Cheers Oz
  5. Nice work on the hawk so far. I'll be watching this space! Cheers oz
  6. Finally the PE radar antenae's are built and primed, holes drilled for installation. First paint colour applied but some repair work on a join is currently being undertaken. Oz
  7. Nice subject Danny, I've got one on order just to see the difference between the trumpeter kit I've just built as a muck around kit. I wish there was a decent kit of the razorback as I like its brutal shape. Will start on the 'owl' again when this heat relents in the Southern Hemisphere! Its too hot to find inspiration at the moment. Good luck with the build!
  8. Thank you for sharing your work, superb!
  9. Yep, I like it, well done
  10. Top work Danny, congratulations on a superb build!
  11. Top work Tom, very nice paint work! Oz