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Zoukei Mura He-219 Build for MIM Magazine...

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I have been working on this over the last few weeks for Military Illustrated Modeller magazine... All a can say its a fantastic kit and its light years a head of the Revell kit!


Hopefully I should have this complete in the next couple of weeks, ready for publication once its released!


Here a couple of shots to get your mouth watering!









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I have a question concerning this kit. Is this kit expansive enough to build out of box? The reason I ask is the abundance of "optional" parts being offered. Does the kit itself offer adequate coverage of parts sufficiently enough to not need any of the optional parts? At almost $200, it should and with wheels costing an extra $36 and guns, for christ sake, costing $24, is the kit itself good enough. I just got an email offering another pre-order with the kit and bonus figures of pilot, co-pilot and navigation lamps for $191. In your opinion, is this kit worth the money? From what I see on this post, maybe. I need good answers.



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Paul, I commented on your other thread that you created,


But yes you can build a nicely detailed Uhu from the box... For this build I have only thrown some HGW Uhu Harness', Master Model FuG220 Antenna's at it... But I am going to get some paint masks made up as this was a test shot and didn't have any decals..

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