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Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-23 MF

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Well, this build is a lot of firsts - first build painted with an airbrush, first WIP on a site, first real attempt at 'proper' weathering on a build and rescribing and first attempt at black basing. Some efforts more successful than others and I certainly have to get better at taking photos.


Used the Aires cockpit set and the Linden Hill Non-aligned Floggers decal set.




















This is a Syrian Mig-23MF shot down over the Bekaa Valley on 9th June 1982. Markings are as accurate as I can make them but there are very few pictures around from this time.


Plan is to do the F-15C which shot this down next, although I might get sidetracked by the Bronco Comet. Hopefully, the compass grey will be more effective with the black basing. Think I was far too heavy handed with the painting on this one to get the proper effect.


All feedback welcome as this is a big learning curve for me and some of the builds on here are so far ahead of my skill-set that I'm not sure I'll ever get there - but I'll enjoy trying!


Cheers and a great festive season to all, Gus

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Thanks very much chaps. It was a lot of fun pushing my skills forward with this. Hope to carry on in the same way with my next project.


Just realised I didn't include a link to the WIP as requested, so here it is below




All the best for the festive season to one and all.



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Well Dennis, I'm getting together all the stuff I need to do the IDF F15C that shot the MIG down.


However I might get sidetracked by the Bronco Comet - I had a great uncle who died recently and I did a bit of digging into his wartime service. He was in the 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry and they were among the first to get the Comet in time for the Rhine crossing. Might be tempted to try it as a tribute. Never really done much armour but seems like a good excuse.


Cheers, Gus

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