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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 Tam Mossie

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Looks great!


What colour did you for the Inter Green? Looks a tad light in the photos but that could be light playing tricks...

Looks like Tamiya XF-71 Cockpit Green as called out in the instructions.  The 1:32 Tamiya Spits Mk.XIVe have XF-71 color call out.  This color is also used (call out in Tamiya instructions) for 1:32 TAM IJN A6m2 and A6M5 aircraft interior. 


Guess the big question:  Is it correct for RAF interior?  Vallejo Model Air recommends 71.095 Pale Green for RAF interior which appears darker than TAM XF-71.


Regardless, beautiful work Do335b6.  My Mossie will be coming out after I clear my bench of current projects.

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