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Pete's cave


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Man there are some seriously nice man caves on here.


Here's mine, I converted one of the cellar rooms at the beginning of the year

This is how it looked before


And this is it now



The cabinet has ended up as a bit of a storage dump lol, mainly because the planes are too big to fit inside


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Through this door leads to a utility room



And there is a sink with hot and cold water a toilet, fridge, freezer and I have a coffee pod machine so once I'm down here I'm pretty self sufficient lol



Its much better than the small spare bedroom I used before and a long way from the kichen table I worked on in my old house (although I made some nice kits on that table lol)



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... Plus kitchen bench for coffee breaks / snacks ... you could survive for days at a time! :D


Rog :)

Yes mate it's easy to lose track of time down there and I have to make sure I remember to make a fuss of the wife from time to time or I'll end up facing the wrong end of a judges decision lol



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Love your 32 scale jets...is that a Revell or Tamiya IAF F-15 I see over there on the bench..???

Cheers Dennis, yes I'm definitley a jet guy and well spotted on the F-15i (it's a Tamiya) I used the old cutting edge conversion and Isradecals.


I really did enjoy that build and have Another in the stash that I'm saving for a rainy day



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