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Bf 109G-10, Stab I./JG 52, "White <<" (1/32 Revell)

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Well here's my second go-around on the Revell Erla G-10. I'm a little happier with this from an accuracy standpoint since addressing the MG cowl spacing makes a big difference. This kit builds up nicely out of the box but I had a lot of issues with filler not cooperating on me when I grafted the Hasegawa cowl section on, finally switched to gap filling super glue which did the trick and which will be my go to filler from here on out. The Aries cockpit also threw off the fuselage width so I had to insert some shim on the lower wing to close the gap which was no surprise since it was Aries. The aftermarket laundry list includes:

  • Aries Cockpit
  • HGW Seatbelts
  • BarracudaCast Spinner and Propeller Blades
  • BarracudaCast S/C Intake and Exhaust Stacks
  • BarracudaCast Wheels
  • BarracudaCast Small Wing Bump Inserts
  • BarracudaCast Oil Cooler
  • Quickboost MG
  • Forward Cowl Section from a Hasegawa G-10 used to correct spacing of gun troughs on cowl.
  • Eduard Brassin Landing Gear

Paint as always is Mr. Color and markings are Montex masks and kit decals.









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