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I second that. I personally use a stiff pig's hair brush (a little better density of the hairs) but the rest is basically as Jim describes it.

Didn't know you could brush a pigs hair. Or why you would.





















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A graphic artist friend is big into early Cold War and early post war civilian a/c. He asked if I could find a C-124 without the radome nose. Roden makes a 1/144 scale one, but the quality is VERY POOR. This will take a lot of fudging, and sanding of seams. The engraved panel lines are very shallow - appropriate I suppose for the scale, but sanding will remove a lot. So along with the sanding, I'm rescribing almost all of the lines.


A couple of years ago I met the airport director for Willow Run Airport near Detroit. Turns out he is a model builder and flew F-18s for the Marines in the late 90s - early 2000s. He told me Academy made a 1/72 scale model of his very a/c. It's out of production, but I found one, and also obtained Edurd's BIG ED accessories for the kit. So I'm underway with that, too. 1/72 is a bear of a scale - can't wait to get back to 1/32!

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