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Old Man Blog (in English)


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Hi all ...


The latest Zoukei-Mura Old Man Blog post in English is up! ...




The Blog focuses mainly on the new Do.335A release ... but has bits of interesting chatter about some display items ...

A replica Bf.109 Prop and spinner - and a real tailwheel, as well as an FW.190 Spinner and prop ... among them.


Most curious is this statement ...


"You cannot see it in this picture but besides these two, just behind the Zoukei-mura boys, there is also a propeller from the British Spitfire, so be careful! Moreover that propeller is made with hard wood and has a thick paint leant on. Later, when time will come to talk about the Spitfire, I will show it to you."


I'm not usually one to get into speculation ... BUT ... in this case ...

My questions are:

Is this post only about collecting these various items? ...

OR perhaps, just maybe, possibly ... is he looking at doing an SWS Spit at some point?! ...

the line: "Later, when time will come to talk about the Spitfire, I will show it to you." ... seems like it could point in that direction

If so ... I really, really, REALLY hope it's the earlier versions that Tamiya haven't covered!!

Of course there's the Bf.109 stuff as well ... I don't know whether he'd be getting into that market - but since Tamiya haven't (yet) ... there could be an opportunity for the elusive "Definitive 109"


Rog smile.png

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