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1/32 Revell Vintage Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC

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My Revell 1/32 Vintage Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC has joined my Basement Air Force.
Run don't walk to eBay and buy this kit!!!
Absolutely an enjoyable build!!

  • Kit manufacture: Revell
  • Scale : 1/32
  • Type: British Fighter
  • Extras: OOB
  • Paints: Tamiya, Vallejo and Mig






























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Thanks for the kind comments.

Not sure when Revell halted production of the lit however this one was stamped 1972 and was boxed as a Smithsonian Classic!

It really is a great kit with loots of possibilities. It's a shame that Revell doesn't re-release it.

It is however almost identical to the fly mold with the exception that the Revell has an engine!

I'd highly recommend that if you can find one on eBay that you buy it and enjoy the build!

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Jeroen I had the chance to compare the two kits side by side and similarities are remarkable!!!

The wings and fuselage are exactly the same right down to the rivets.

The Revell comes with an engine and tub cockpit where  the Fly has no engine and a build up tubular cockpit!

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