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Dambuster remake mock ups (well. they are LSM)


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About six years ago now I was involved in the planning stages of miniature building - there were to be several 1/6 scale Lancasters and a massive miniature of the Dam constructed.

Then all that fell apart and we went about our way...I know young Christian Rivers was slated to direct by Peter Jackson...

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Good question - they were planned, and we were asked to come in and build them, then everything fell apart again and we were let go. There was a huge model built of the Dam and gunnery towers - but I have no idea what has become of it.

It was most probably broken up and put into storage.The 6th scale Lancasters were to be radio controlled and inter cut with , if memory serves me correctly, 4th scale hero sections that were to be used for green screen shots. I am thinking now WETA would probably build just one physical miniature and use that to scan into massive, Maya or similar and 'build' what else they need in the computer..

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