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1:48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat


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Hi folks, here are a couple of WIP cockpit shots of the brand new Tamiya F-14. This is definitely one model kit that lives up to the hype, it really goes together brilliantly ! If your modelling mojo is down in the dumps then this is a great kit to get your modelling juices flowing again, even if you don't build aircraft. Ok, there are always details somewhere that can always be improved upon but honestly, I'm just going to enjoy this one for what it is..........just like the real thing, a really cool ride ! 


-Base colour Tamiya acrylic sky grey, Vallejo for the fine details and Testers and Humbrol for dry brushing. Winsor and Newton oil wash


Onto the pics.........

30967679476_95cd364fed_b.jpgDSC_0960 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr
25366881299_bbdb3dfc0c_b.jpgDSC_0976 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr
22824354488_87ebfa8eb3_b.jpgDSC_0973 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr
Thanks for dropping in, I hope you enjoyed the pics, happy modelling.
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-I know, imagine it 32, that would be nice ! ...still, It's a darn nice kit in 48 that's for sure.


It definitely makes you wonder what their next 32 warbird release will be............ My wish is for a 1:32 Fw 190d-9, that would be awesome.


thanks guys,



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A little more work on the tomcat for your viewing pleasure. coolio.gif


The forward nose section...

It fits perfectly into the rear part of the fuselage, no swearing necessary; but hey that's Tamiya for you. smile.png

Most pictures of instrument coamings on F-14's appear to be  black so I may have to repaint mine to be accurate. It's a bit of a shame from an artistic point of view cause I like the way it looks so I'm quite tempted to just leave it. DodgeBall.gif

32380656121_80a5dc02c4_b.jpgDSC_0018 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


The inside of the main fuselage and rear wheel bays with a coat of Tamiya Flat White.


32461607946_042c526a63_b.jpgDSC_0033 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


I just have to mask the canopies and make a few touch ups here and there and it will be ready for paint. Time to let the cat out of the bag. punk.gif


32123491650_15601de73c_b.jpgDSC_0082 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


This is the aircraft I plan on painting, mostly because of its heavily weathered state. For the time being I'm not sure where I could source markings from, does anyone have any suggestions ?


31661640344_7ac8b76ab0_b.jpgf-14a miramar by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


Thanks for looking.

Happy Modelling,




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A little bit of paintwork on the upper fuselage.......


32841860665_e8bee35ced_b.jpgDSC_0277 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


I started out with a pre-shadow of a home mix of Tamiya Scale black ( black, white and brown basically ) along the panel lines and mottled in selected areas. Next up I sprayed some Tamiya flat white in a small and patchy mottle type manner again in selected areas. finally, I oversprayed with gunze H307, fs36320 Dark Ghost Grey.


Working slowly, I repeated these steps over again until I gradually built up a faded weathered tone that I was happy with.


32460928790_5560d8d768_b.jpgDSC_0280 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


Thanks for all your comments guys and for following along B)

more to come, stay tuned....

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