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1/32 Tripod Jack (RAF) ready for ordering

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Hi All!


Today I received the first 2 printed Tripod Jacks from Shapeways, modelled by Ronnie Olsthoorn.

The detail is amazing and the accuracy the closest you can get. I had to adjust a few parts in order to prevent them from getting too fragile. 

Just a little bit of smoothing is needed with fine sandpaper on the legs. Even small details like the eye-lets on the fastening pins are there! Even the screw wire on the Ram is there...


This jack is perfect for a 1/32 Mossie or other RAF subject.

But looks great under a USAF subject too. 


If you want to order one yourself, visit the LSM Shapeways store! 

I will publish this and possibly other detailed models in co-operation with Ronnie Olsthoorn (Aviation artist) on Shapeways, so you can share in the joy.







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