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F-16 Block 32 "Blizzard" Aggressor

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Here at last is my F-16 in the "Blizzard" Aggressor scheme. I used the Gators Masks set, and reviewed them here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=69842&hl=gators. I also used the GT Resin exhaust, the Two Bobs decal set, and the WofPack AN/ALQ-188 jamming pod. The ACMI pod is scratchbuilt, and the AIM-9 is stolen from the Trumpeter Harrier kit. I'm waiting for markings for the latter two items, then I can call it officially done. However, my opportunities to take photos are not always available, so here are the pics:


I used the Airscale stencil set, and the seat cushion was textured using Tamiya's Pavement Effect diorama texture paint.






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Nice and colourful result you achieved here. That has to be an agressor scheme, as it is hard to imagine where that camo should blend in :). Is it true that the scheme continues on the lower fuselage half too?

Cheers Rob 

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