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Mk IX Spitfire in 1:5 scale

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Greetings, everyone.  Recently I posted some pictures of my 1:5 scale Mk I Spitfire. Four-five years ago I began this Mk IX and here are some in-progress shots. I calculate there are at least two to three years of work left before the model is complete.  I contemplate finishing it in 601 Sqn colours, where the airframe is predominantly bare metal. The picture of the part-finished cockpit was taken before the starboard side wall was installed.




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Amazing, I wish I had the time, the courage, the talent and the patience to do these kind of builds. I love the metal works of the cockpit parts, as I was an engineer in my former live :). Thank you for showing that jewel and if there is more to show I will follow.

Cheers Rob

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