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Lower belly panel in resin for 1/32 Hasegawa 190?

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Way back when SPAR was still up someone did a review of a resin replacement belly panel for the Hasegawa 1/32 190A-5 (The one just aft of the wing).  The Hasegawa kit comes with the panel that was introduced later in the A-7.  Anyone remember who it was and if they're still in business?  Also what about smooth panels for the MG FF delete on the outboard wings?  Or did they just leave the panels in the with the bulge for the ammo drum?

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The lower panel... er, panel, was from Department of Corrections in Poland...


As for the outer wing gun delete, a flat panel was already in use on the G-1 Jaborei variant, which was based  on the A-4 Fighter airframe but also lacking the outer weapons. However there was probably no need to source these for a field mod, as the overall speed gain would have been negligible.



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