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Just an idea


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The other day I was thinking: why doesnt LSM have a proper frontpage/website? I know the forum originated from Scaleplasticandrail, which was, in my opinion an excellent review website. That work still continues today with reviews from James, Jeroen and a few others, which are posted here on the forum. But these reviews tend to get burried rather quick. Wouldn't it be great to get an even better platform to showcase these reviews? And probably the occasional build from members. We could think up a build of the week or month by voting in the forums for example.

I'd recon it's probably not as easy as it's sound, not to mention the costs for hosting and the extra time for support. But with the growing numbers it might be worth some consideration.


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I totally agree. 

A front page is something that's been mooted since we began. Maybe I can Wordpress something and link the forum, and vice versa. 

Please add your ideas to this topic and I can look at them. 

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