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RED DEER Airport

MARU 5137

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14 hours ago, MARU 5137 said:

Just think of how good you'll feel helping those Canuck men and women..



Ha, yeah I did that for 38 years and got more fists shook at me and fingers , the BIG one than thanks............naw, they can crash now....:rofl:  What helicopter company does your friend work at..... I'm a rotor guy...... can you tell?:hsmack:

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He has his offices next to the RED DEER Airport... his company and he  design Helopads etc all over Canada,USA and even Europe I think.. not sure what it's calked but he did say his office looked out onto the RED DEER Airport.he was the one that sent ME the link to the live web camera....he also builds aircraft models  WHEN he gets any free time which has been rare as he's busy.



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