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F-104C 1/48


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I often wondered how this thing ever flew? It is had to imagine that those small wings could keep the plane stable. Keep in mind that this plane was built prior to a an onboard computer being used to keep it stable.


This is a photo of an actual F-104. It seems that the ground crews kept these planes shiny.


The cockpit is visible through the canopy, so I dressed it up with aftermarket parts. I like the harness.


Weights were added behind the cockpit to prevent the model from being a tail-sitter. The weights are hidden from view by a plastic panel.


After I finished the model I noticed that I made a mistake on the drop tank fins. I hade to carefully remove and reverse the fins on the right tank (see below).






This is my finished Hasegawa 1/48 kit. The kit goes together pretty good but the decals stink. The carrier film is not clear enough which makes it silver. The model was finished in Bare Metal Foil. After the foil was applied separately to each panel, I gave it a single light stroke with 0000 steel wool to add grain. I made a good sized error. The main wings are supposed to be painted white!!! Oh well, no way to fix that now. It is almost impossible to apply masking tape to BMF. When the tape is removed it tends to pull up the foil.

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