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1/35th DDR ZSU-57-2


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This build I finished towards the end of last year (I promise I have new builds coming up so a WIP thread will be inlace for those), for a 60's NATO vs WARSAW Pact GB.

This is the first AFV I've actually managed to complete in under a year, have 8 or so in various stages of building...just keep getting distracted! Plus this is the first build I've tried weather an AFV, and I must say it was lots of fun and very messy. I'm still sort of cleaning up the mess.

The base model is the Takom one and it's a beauty! It went together without any real issues, though some of the parts needed "adjusting" to fit, and the instructions...I'll be kind here and say they are quite vague in places!!!!  

The only extras were some Friulmodel tracks, Aber Barrels, and some Magic Model shell casings which in the end you couldn't really see.

I tried some new techniques with the paint job to help break the "flatness" of the single colour which turned out ok I think.

I have about 5 AFV's planned for this year including a M42A1 Duster (AFV Club German Army) to go with this one as well as a ZSU-23-4 (Meng) later in the year.

So please enjoy

Model: Takom 1/35thZSU-57-2

Paint: Mr Hobby and Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquer

Extras: Aber Gun Barrel set, Friulmodel Tracks, Magic Models ZSU-57-2 Empty Shells

ZSU-57-2 build












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