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Anyone ever make F-5E Aggressor decals?


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I am trying to turn my HK F-5E into an aggressor aircraft, but have not had any luck finding decals. I thought TwoBobs made a sheet once but cant find anything on their website. Anyone know of where I can get a sheet, or a partial sheet? I am looking for a USAF 3-blue scheme single seat aircraft, any help would be appreciated. If not available,




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Affirmative. One of the earlier Hasegawa boxings had the 527th TFTS markings. Aftermarket 527th TFTS decal options to date - N.A.D.A.

For what it's worth:
The Alconbury F-5Es were early airframes - no shark nose, original (smaller) LERX, early Northrop seat, no VOR/ILS, etc. The baseline Iffy Hawk kit needs some cutting, sanding and backdating-TLC.

VOR/ILS, Northrop Improved Seat were added in 1982. 74-1535 "bort 35"  retained the original "Grape/Old Blue" paint scheme after the refit for a while.


Pre-1982 config:

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