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F-16 drop tank sizes


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I would use 600, that is the standard nowadays, you can't see very many 370s in service that often anymore. 

There is one think  that is different between those two Scott , 370 has two fuel ports at the top as such.


600gal/ has one at the front and two at the rear


Sgt. Mendoza is covering this part with his hand :)


and whole bunch of circular covers on the side


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4 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

double opsie :)


That’s the plane I’m building!  You found some great images here.  Wish I saw that photo earlier before the wings went together and glued on.  Gotta try to figure out how to drop those leading edges now.  I’m Building it in take off mode just like this with gear going up.  

Now the big question.....which image is the latest paint job. I guess I’ll send these to my MD tomorrow and ask him. 

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On 2/24/2019 at 7:18 PM, Martinnfb said:

Ops, here is 370 :) on swamp fox


Quick question about the colors on this one.  I guess I’m use to painting the older F-16’s, but are they now just two colors?  FS 36270 on the bottom, vertical tail and forward of the darker FS36118?  FS36375 no longer used?  

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4 minutes ago, Peterpools said:

Scott, late to the party and the drop tanks surely look like the 600 gal type.


Yea, that project is long done and gone!  It was a build for my GP/MD.  He’s a back seat rider to get air time as the flight surgeon.  It was a gift I built for him.  He loved it.  

And of course him in the back seat with his latex glove on I was so familiar with. 

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