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dark dull green coor


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hello dear lsm members.

i have mrp dark dull green. i have tried it on black base, light base and despite i'm trying to convince myself it is right color anyway i have big doubts. it looks simply ordinary dark green.

if someone has ak real color dark dull green please show here small sample how it looks. what i see on their web it is much better but it's just picture and i cant find real color in the net.

maybe you have both mrp and ak. it will be great to see them side by side.

thank you in advance

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2 hours ago, CrankyCrafstman said:

Check this out it's my Checkertail P-47 Razorback build. I did the cockpit with Vallejo dull dark green, which is what Republic used. Zink chromate green in the interior, wheel wells etc.



Looks accurate to me. Colourcoats makes it in a enamel.:)

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