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1:35 "Stabile Engine" - Plusmodel

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Stabile Engine




 (catalogue n.º 505)
Available from

Prize tag:33.30$/23.40€



And here I go again, reviewing my favourite diorama/accessories brand.


To be honest was quite difficult to try to understand and know what the hell is a stabile engine.

So I had to ask and cry for help to Petr from Plusmodel that told me that a “stable engine is an internal combustion engine designed to drive agricultural machinery, such as cutter, threshing machine, etc.”


So it´s fair to say that is a “stability engine” made by the company “Slavia”.

I didn’t found much but for what I have research, this light engine was in fact commonly used in farm works early part of 20th century.

Not much I know but I even found a video from Youtube with the exact stabile engine that Plusmodel reproduce:



Or this one also from “Slavia”





So this little engine is quite suitable since WWI, I think.


And I already have a project for it.


As all product from Plusmodel, the stabile engine came with the usual packing, in small paper boxes with the parts wrap in bubbles plastic.


Inside there are 30 resin parts, PE fret and decals with metal wire.




The resin is in dark grey with a bit of flash but nothing that you can solve with a new n.º 11 blade but the casting is top quality as usual

Also no bubbles or wrapping is notice in all resin parts... as usual, top noch from Plusmodel.





















The PE is unpainted  and contains several little details and two mesh. All parts looks very fragile so handle with extra care.




The decal sheet, as all others ,looks like Plusmodel own production, with very good registration, color pigmentation and very thin carrier film.


The instructions are a simple paper sheet with assembly diagram, decal placement directions. Nothing to report on this one, as they are clear to follow in the construction and decal guidance.





No color guide is given but the boxart is a good color reference.





Well, I got no much to say that I haven’t said before.

Once again Plusmodel did it: quality, easy to construct, originality and good prices.

This engine, as most of Plusmodel set is easy to be a part of a larger project... I sure mine will!




Our truly thanks to Plusmodel for these review samples.




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1 hour ago, Wumm said:

This would look lovely in a diorama setting, with subtle rust and patina added to the finish.

Was thinking the same thing.  With a Jenny or DH-4 in a farmyard, stationary engine putt putting away powering a long belt to a small grain mill or cotton gin.

There are plenty of these around, local to me. 

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