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  1. Might be better to just cast all four, that way the issue of one looking different would go away
  2. By all accounts I have read it's a nice kit, ICM has really stepped up their game the past few years with their new tool Dorniers, Ju 88s and He 111s. I built their Do 215 and liked it a lot. They are supposed to release the kit in a WWII variant and possibly a Vietnam variant as well and I'm going to wait to see what those are like before I pull the trigger.
  3. I know the feeling, sorry for the "wrong" scale but here is my example, when I built this Ju 290 some thought I went too far with the exhaust staining However photos of the real thing actually looked slightly worse
  4. Watching with interest as I have one in the stash. At one time Paragon made a conversion set for the Lancaster BII, I wish I had acquired a second set as the engines and cowlings would have worked well on the Halifax. Years ago someone built one of these on the Finescale forum and from what I remember of it the supplied interior is mostly rubbish. I suspect you will do it right.
  5. When my wife of 31 years passed over a decade ago I was in a fog for most of a year. I initially thought modeling would help but I found I couldn't focus and started numerous builds without any joy. It wasn't until almost a year later when I began to get my social life back on track than I found some solace in modeling. My wife and her two siblings all died withing a period of a year and a half and that's way too many funerals in a short period of time. Everyone deals with grief differently and forcing yourself to do something your heart isn't into is not the way. I hope you find your way out !
  6. I don't let scale be a deciding factor, I decided to switch most of my single engine fighters to 1/32 several years ago, I don't have the display space for anything larger than small twins in this scale and there are a lot of Japanese single engine aircraft that just aren't available in 1/32. If its an aircraft I want in my collection I will build it regardless of scale as I'm too old to wait for it to appear in a different scale. I have built kits in 1/200, 1/144 and 1/72 as well as 1/48 and 1/32. Yes, at my age 1/200 is a challenge but if it's something you want you do what you gotta do.
  7. I think you'll enjoy this kit, I modified mine to night fighter configuration and also used the Vector cowls and props. I found the rear most piece to be a bit fiddly fit wise but nothing some filler wouldn't fix, may have been my cut job. If you are going to leave the bomb bay closed I recommend you attach them to the fuselage halves before assembly, it makes getting the fit easier and you can glue from the inside. The top turret has no external framing on it. The Eduard mask set has it but what you see is actually internal to the turret. If you are interested my build can be found here http://www.olddogsplanes.com/pv1-new.html Looking forward to your build !
  8. Having grown tired of trying to obtain MRP paints I tried Hataka lacquers and found them to be very similar to my old go to but rapidly disappearing Model Master paint in respect to airbrushing and thinning. If anything I find I get a smoother finish than with MM. I have only used a few limited colors so far but have been pleased with color matches.
  9. The only thing I hate worse than feeding the carpet monster is on the rare occasion that I actually run the vacuum and hear that clicking sound a plastic part makes as it ascends the hose to certain doom and wonder if it was something important or just a trimmed off plastic nub.
  10. A wrong mouse click got me this and I have no use for it, free to any where a stamp will take it, fits fine in a #10 envelope . PM me your snail mail addy if interested. It's Eduard # JX175
  11. Should be a good seller if the Trumpeter "A" team dose it. Too big for me in 1/32 but fortunately ICM is doing several variants in 1/48 which will fit my display space much better.
  12. I suppose it's too much to expect that they will address the shape issues that exist on their 1/32 kit and just panto graph it down to 1/48
  13. Hopefully this will improve availability, should make a lot of folks happy !
  14. I found on the Pacific Coast Models kit gluing the upper wing to the fuselage was the only way to go, it resulted in a slight misalignment at the gun ports and landing light but fixed both gaps and dihedral issues. I'm guessing your kit is the Fly kit?
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