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  1. Nice review, not something you see every day but interesting none the less !
  2. I too suffer the dreaded burn out now and again but I'm blessed with dual afflictions, planes and trains. Model aircraft are mostly a winter hobby for me unless it gets really nasty outside and trains are my summer hobby as I have an outdoor layout and I like being outdoors when the weather is nice. Usually by the end of seasonable weather I'm beginning to burn out on trains and welcome getting back to aircraft and vise verse. It's not always that reliable and I have had some years when the urge ran opposite to the seasons but either way I get a break and a chance to recharge now and again.
  3. I have one of these in the stash so will be watching with interest. I bought the H-1 when it came out but the H-0 release seemed so much improved I sold it and got the H-0. Your works looks great so far ! Keep them coming !
  4. Holey smokes, what a great review ! The kit is way beyond anything I would consider tackling but I'm sure plenty of others will.
  5. I'm not knowledgeable enough to offer constructive criticism but am following your progress with interest. From my perspective you are doing great so far ! I would love for Tamiya to release one of these in 1/48. Yes I know there are are or were conversion kits but the older I get the less anxious I am at getting involved in long term conversion projects.
  6. Yes, I too have a love hate relationship with PE, I have found that since moving up to 1/32 that the older style Eduard panels are too one dimensional. The newer Yahu and Eduard Look ones are better but some what limited in availability. I have a couple of Eduard panels (for the 190 I think) that include separate bezels for the instruments and I cringe at even starting those as the IP could take longer to do than the rest of the kit with my shaky hands. One thing I've found helpful, especially for those pesky levers than are almost always a butt joint is to leave the little connecting piece at the bottom attached to the lever and drilling a small hole for it to fit into so it has something other than the glue to help support it. On multi engine consoles cutting a slot with a JLC saw for the levers to fit into also works a treat.
  7. Nice job as usual, the markings make it a real standout !
  8. Looks like a lot of oil canning for a fresh off the assembly line bird, a result of the speedy build process I assume.
  9. Here is my take on the kit http://www.olddogsplanes.com/halifax.html Can anyone say flash ? I tend to take Mick Evan's reviews with a grain of salt, I tried building FM's PV-1 based on a review by Mick in which he made it sound like a piece of cake and eventually binned it after Revell came out with theirs. All I can say is he must must be one hell of a talented modeller to get the result he did ! Doing fantasy interiors seems to be one of FM's standard routines, their Hampton is much the same, kinda like most models from Mach 2.
  10. I don't even plan on getting a Lanc but I think this would be a great stand alone kit !
  11. Work on the turret looks great (as does everything else so far) but when I look at this photo It looks like the lanc is tossing its cookies !
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