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  1. Kitlinx has it up for preorder and in their latest news letter they said they were expecting the shipment soon. I order mine from a dealer in the Czech republic and paid a stupid amount for shipping but in the end it was about the same amount as Kitlinx is charging once you add shipping.
  2. I don't know John, according to the instructions that come with the kit you are too old... Experienced modellers UNDER 14 years old
  3. Excellent ! Love the attention to detail like the unpainted areas showing with the cowl flaps open
  4. Thanks for that ! I must live in a vacuum as I had never heard of the 'Must Have' kit. I do have the ICM kit but it's not on my immediate build list yet.
  5. I have not been very productive of late as I have been spending most of my modeling time on my dark side hobby (model trains) but I did manage to finish one back in January that has been on my shelf of doom for way too long. It was there waiting for me to master the paint job I wanted and finally admitted defeat and finished it the best I could. The B-8 version was the proposed high altitude night fighter and none were ever built. The kit is the Tamiya B-2 variant to which was added two resin sets from Paragon. (I really miss them) The first being the night fighter conversion and the other was the extended wing set for the B-4 version. As you can see I used and inverse method on the paint scheme as I found I was better at painting blobs than creating them by painting round them. Since none were ever built I chose to use some artistic license. I replaced the resin antenna arrays with a set from Master that wasn't available at the time I started the kit. In the end I was happy with the result. A build log can be found here http://www.olddogsplanes.com/335b8.htm if interested. A comparison shot to show the difference between the B-1 and B-8 Thanks for looking !
  6. If you end up with all three and don't need the third, I will take them off your hands.
  7. The Typhoon is such a brute, what's not to like
  8. I see the freedom of speech issue brought up frequently when folks get banned from the popular sites, these are all private entities and like any private club, they can decide who belongs. I don't belong to any of them and in my opinion if these sites don't start doing a better job of policing their sites for political rhetoric, conspiracy theories, cancel culture, religious issues, dark web issues, racial discrimination, etc. social media will end up being the downfall of our civilization. Just as politics and religion are not appreciated here the same should go for these social media sites. Just my 2ยข worth.
  9. I dealt with Great Models for years with no issues. I put Kitlinx on my vendors list when Loic started it up. I have not ordered anything from them yet, most often what I want he doesn't have. The few times he's had sale prices that were attractive his shipping costs killed the deal. Sprue Brothers is only about 500 miles away and Kitlinx is closer to 2,500 miles away so Sprue Brothers usually wins in the shipping department.
  10. I used the kit cowls on my P-70 build but I did drill out the exhaust stacks which was quite a chore. The A-20 always stirs some memories for me, my Dad told me one of the first jobs he had in the AAC was installing the life rafts in them before the left for overseas. In spite of the kits age it still builds into a nice replica. I still have one in the stash to build.
  11. I thought I saw some of that at Hobby Lobby recently so it might be worth a check. I've also found that some supplies in short supply at hobby outlets I was able to get from Amazon.
  12. Very nicely done They don't appear to be a very happy lot but I guess before a mission like that they wouldn't be.
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