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  1. I've never had issues with the Tamiya thin square bottles just the tall thin ones like glues, Alclad and other paints come in. Just take a bottle to the big box store and find a PVC pipe fitting it will fit in then glue it to a base. For the one below I used a piece of acrylic but wood or other material would work. Note: the one in the photo has been around a while, the tape showing was used to snug up the fit so when I pick up the bottle the base comes with it. For some reason the ones I seem to spill most often are Microset and Microsol and the the tall bottles that super glue accelerator come. I tend to leave the caps loose when using them. While their spillage usually doesn't result in damage it can cause a delay if I need to acquire new stock to continue.
  2. True, just more forgotten or overlooked or ignored by manufacturers in in 1/32 !
  3. Most excellent ! I always liked the "beer tap" handles they used for the throttles and mixture controls on the Halifax
  4. I had a couple of rolls that have been around forever and found when I went to use them it no longer wanted to stick, at least not well enough to trust for scribing.
  5. I have an OV-10A/C boxed up and ready to ship (someone else wanted it but backed out at the last minute) Yours for $40 plus shipping
  6. That's some crazy detail (and excellent work as well) If I ever get around to building mine it will no doubt be a gutless husk.
  7. Fundekals makes them, may be others http://fundekals.com/propLogos.html
  8. Might be better to just cast all four, that way the issue of one looking different would go away
  9. By all accounts I have read it's a nice kit, ICM has really stepped up their game the past few years with their new tool Dorniers, Ju 88s and He 111s. I built their Do 215 and liked it a lot. They are supposed to release the kit in a WWII variant and possibly a Vietnam variant as well and I'm going to wait to see what those are like before I pull the trigger.
  10. I know the feeling, sorry for the "wrong" scale but here is my example, when I built this Ju 290 some thought I went too far with the exhaust staining However photos of the real thing actually looked slightly worse
  11. Watching with interest as I have one in the stash. At one time Paragon made a conversion set for the Lancaster BII, I wish I had acquired a second set as the engines and cowlings would have worked well on the Halifax. Years ago someone built one of these on the Finescale forum and from what I remember of it the supplied interior is mostly rubbish. I suspect you will do it right.
  12. When my wife of 31 years passed over a decade ago I was in a fog for most of a year. I initially thought modeling would help but I found I couldn't focus and started numerous builds without any joy. It wasn't until almost a year later when I began to get my social life back on track than I found some solace in modeling. My wife and her two siblings all died withing a period of a year and a half and that's way too many funerals in a short period of time. Everyone deals with grief differently and forcing yourself to do something your heart isn't into is not the way. I hope you find your way out !
  13. I don't let scale be a deciding factor, I decided to switch most of my single engine fighters to 1/32 several years ago, I don't have the display space for anything larger than small twins in this scale and there are a lot of Japanese single engine aircraft that just aren't available in 1/32. If its an aircraft I want in my collection I will build it regardless of scale as I'm too old to wait for it to appear in a different scale. I have built kits in 1/200, 1/144 and 1/72 as well as 1/48 and 1/32. Yes, at my age 1/200 is a challenge but if it's something you want you do what you gotta do.
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