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  1. I've always thought that this was a good idea as it prevents the interior from looking too uniform and it's one reason I don't get too upset with Eduard's goofy colors on IP's and interior parts. That said I'm usually too lazy to spend the time and effort to multi shade parts.
  2. It looks a little less stubby when you include the engine and cowling
  3. Kermit Weeks is restoring a civilian one that was sold to a gentleman in Brazil prior to the war, he has a number of videos documenting the work on his channel on you tube which shouldn't be hard to find. Most of those still flying today were built in France after the war.
  4. I have one on the way, reports from other sites are encouraging, we'll see.
  5. FWIW someone over at the other place stated the regular price would be 100 euros which sounds reasonable for a kit that size
  6. Triplets ? I do wish I didn't suck so bad at painting figures !
  7. Funny, I heard you couldn't build a B-24 from the Hobbyboss kits, those sure look like B-24s to me, nice work
  8. Tough choice but my top pick would probably be the Lockheed Constellation, a couple that never were built in numbers are the Republic XR-12 Rainbow and the Hughes XF-15. Yeah, I know that's not 10, I'll need more coffee for that.
  9. The lower lounge looks quite comfy, just the place for some tea and crumpets ! Seriously, some really nice work there !
  10. I think it's a conspiracy, they must be in league with the after market folks !
  11. I guess it depends on what you are doing, I bought the Etch Mate 3C years ago but never had much luck with it but I seldom do any PE work larger than cockpit size stuff and I find I have better luck nailing bend points using single edge razor blades and chisel tip X-acto blades. For airframe parts like flaps or large pieces used on armor a bending tool is probably the best way to go.
  12. Only ones in 1/32 would be the IM Helldiver and the Bf 108. There are a couple in 1/48 and 1/72 as I model in all scales, as I age I have been scaling back my urge to just jump on any new release however tempting it may be as I have about a 100 kits I'd like to dispose of now.
  13. I consider myself lucky, I pretty much live the life of a hermit anyway so the stay at home order isn't that much of a bother. I can still go the usual places, grocery, pharmacy, to the park for a walk, etc. I'm retired so as long as the government doesn't run out of money I'll still have income. I live in a rural area so contact with others is minimal. My big concern is more along the lines of security. The longer this lasts the more desperate some will become and I'm afraid more civil disobedience will occur, it has prompted me to get out firearms that haven't seen the light of day for years and get them cleaned and checked out. Living in an rural area means response time can be longer and with fewer witnesses one can become a tempting target. I hope it doesn't come to that but the whole situation is unsettling none the less !
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