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1/48 Eduard Polikarpov I-16 + Resin AML UTI-4 Conversion


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This 1/48 Eduard kit of the Polikarpov I-16 is small ! The model's wingspan is about 7 inches - or smaller than the average span of your hand. The AML resin conversion provides much work to be done on the interior with, of course, the removal of the front top half of the fuselage. After a bit of a fight, everything came together quite well. I love the look of this Russian fighter which did sterling work during the Spanish Civil War where the Luftwaffe managed to get their hands on some aircraft for appraisal, including a couple of two seat trainers, the UTI-4.


I saw a standard I-16 performing superbly at Duxford a couple of years ago and, for me, it was the star of the show. I hadn't realised before then that the pilot had to hand crank the undercarriage up and down - 200 plus hand cranks according to the commentator! Imagine doing that in battle while trimming the aircraft at the same time! You will see the u/c operating wires I have added to the undercarriage legs.


The Eduard kit is very nice and goes together very well. Far better than the 1/32 Special Hobby version I built a couple of years ago. This trainer  DM+HC was 'all over' RLM 63 and the markings were sprayed using the excellent Mal Mayfield's Miracle Mask Bespoke Service! The Eduard kit was the Profi version which had the Photo Etched accessories and included the multi part undercarriage panels - fiddly, but look good once on the aircraft.


Apart from losing the rear windshield to the depths of the fuselage and never to be seen again (sigh - a spare was with the resin conversion) the final assembly and weathering using  cocktails of various fluids went according to plan.


Hope you like it.

















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Jim mentioned that he would love to see some wip images. Well, unfortunately, me and IT don't get along too well - I lost a lot of the internal fuselage conversion shots!


I can hear Jim's sighs of desperation as I type! However, I have found some; not much, but some:


As you can see the the fit of the conversion left a tad of desire:




Filler, sanding, filler, sanding.................................




Coming together:




Using Mal Mayfield's Miracle Masks - luvem!:













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Great build! I love two-seaters, and this one is pretty unique. I've got the Eduard I-16 over Spain combo, I originally wanted to build it for the "In Foreign Colours" GB, but time didn't permit that to happen. The plan now is to make them in May or June. This inspires me!

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