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IAF A-4H secret project.

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I have been working on and off on this Israeli A-4H Skyhawk since July and it’s ready for paint. I chose to build an early Skyhawk, the subject is Ezra Dotan’s bird, the one and only Skyhawk to get air-to-air kills, he shot down two Syrian Mig-17’s using his 18 shot rocket pods, shooting the first down with 38 rockets, and the second one using his 30mm DEFA guns.


I like to pick unusual aircraft for my subjects, and this one was quite a challenge as there is not much in pictures available. I used two Hasegawa Skyhawk kits to piece this together, as both were missing pieces, and one had broken parts. The main fuselage and wings were previously glued together and, broken apart, and reassembled, fixing damaged areas. So this was technically a restoration. I ended up using just the gun pods and barrels from the Cutting edge conversion kit and Isradecals. The pilot and seat are from Aerobonus.













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Right now I’m waiting for a buddy to ship me the rockets from Minnesota, and letting the filler fully dry and shrink, then I’ll spray some primer and see where we are.

I had an idea for the base, I am going to mount a couple 1/144 Syrian Mig-17’s down low and have the A-4 in a diving bank towards them. 

Yesterday, I drove 45 min to a plastic supply yesterday and got some 3/8 and 1/2 acrylic rod. My goal is to have this done by the November 13 TN show. I think 6 weeks is enough time. Mustang is almost done and this one is not far behind.

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