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MARU 5137

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Who is attending at Duxford Air Festival in 90 days... takes place on 23rd -24th May  2020 st Duxford IWM.


Duxford Air Festival Flying List | Imperial War Museums https://www.iwm.org.uk/airshows/duxford-air-festival/flyinglist?utm_source=IWM&utm_campaign=2b1675cce6-2020_2_23_Three+Months+to+DAF&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f618c86a94-2b1675cce6-106363089


MARU  5137



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booked my ticket this morning for the Saturday - it will be the first airshow since the late 1980's !  I'm expecting that it will be slightly different, if I recall my last one (I think it was RAF Mildenhall) had multiple Phantoms, Lightnings, a Vulcan, Buccaneers, Aussie F111's doing their flamethrower routine and the highlight was the SR71. Flying went on all day and was non-stop. I'm expecting slightly less in May but still really looking forward to it.     

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