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Black Friday...


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... plus Murphy's Law 


Equals no coolant. Blown gasket or Turbo Hose or somesuch.



But I got to ride in a Truck my Father-in-Law helped build. So silver lining and all...

Hope your day is going better than mine.


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Here you go Jeff...


It was a tricky hook-up, as my Truck for today had a tail-lift fitted. 


From the camera.IMG_20200314_073153.thumb.jpg.5ae443224ff4349ff1495a270b5cd6b2.jpg

Didn't get that many shots of the back. I was mostly snooping around the front of the cab.

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Thanks, that is so cool... looks to be a 50 ton lift?  I'm a little surprised it is only on a tandem, as most of the iron I see from Down Under is VERY big, I would have thought a tri-drive, in case of a road train recovery...., but I guess your truck is a little smaller than a Road Train, still looks to be a very heavy lift unit, VERY cool..... also cool your wife works at Mack...... my favorite is still the old school B 61.....  thanks for the pics, love them !

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Yes, about 70 tonne combo Jeff...


They only tow Heavies, not cars so they have a variety of Rigs, this was just the closest to me at the time. I was in a little 8.5 max with only two of the 8 pallet spaces filled, so about 6t all up. The ride with me on the back was smooth as butter, he said he could hardly feel the difference! 

Trouble again yesterday, Hydraulic leak from the right of the Tailgate, which dropped down on that side and because it was no longer symmetrical, popped the manual lock and lowered 15 degrees in transit. Very scary as I didn't have the camera on at the time and had no idea... I swear this Truck is jinxed.


On a positive note though, no-one wanted to shake my hand!



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