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Egg plane recommendation for child.


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I was looking for some help, my son is bored and I was hoping to get him a snap-tote model we can put together, however, the selection of snap-tite are significantly smaller than when I was a kid. So I was considering an egg plane, but found there are a few manufacturers, and some look more advanced. I am hoping to stay away from glue, but would be willing to help with paint and decals (stickers?). I know that a lot of guys build these and want to know which ones are the easiest and most durable (play). Any opinions?

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Any of the Tiger model ones are quite good.  Same with the ones by Meng. 

If you're looking for a nice snap fit kit, also consider the Star Wars kits by Bandai. They're very well engineered and go together nicely. You can also get away without paint on them. 

Here's their TiE fighter kit I threw together in about 45 minutes. 



This was completely OOB with no paint or glue. 

Hope that helps. I've got two boys 6 and 9 so let me know if you have any questions about kits. 


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Here's some listings for you:

https://store.spruebrothers.com/SearchResults.asp?searching=Y&sort=7&search=Cute&show=90&page=1&brand=Tiger Model

Meng make ships and tanks as well.


For the Star Wars kits, CultTV Man usually has a good selection. They're also readily available on Amazon too.


Edit: I forgot about Freedom Models even though Martin and I were talking about them yesterday. They do some "cute" planes kits as well. They're not bad either. One nice thing is they include more than one version in the box. Some even have three full kits. You'll have to scroll down a bit. They call them Compact models. 


If you really get into these, Retro Wings and Kasl both make AM detail sets for them. 

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Thanks, he is 6 and mostly prefers cars, but tanks also interest him because he can blow up his Lego men. Planes are sort of low on his list, and Star Wars is totally a no interest subject. I know, I wanted to get a paternity test, but the wife got mad. I make it a point to watch the series every year, he won’t watch 2 minutes of it. 

I might try a couple of Meng tanks and maybe a plane to see if he is interested, he does like the shark tooth P-40, so maybe we start there.

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If he likes cars, Revell has some under their Build n Play that are decent. They're very simple, go together well and can be played with after. Most of the other snap kits they have aren't as nice. 

Airfix has a Quick Build series that are like Lego in the way they go together. Unlike the other kits I've suggested, those can be built and taken apart over and over again. 

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