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Viet Nam era PSP, aka Marsden Matting Name?

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Hi Folks

     What is the name for the Viet Nam version of Perforated Steel Plating, PSP, aka Marsden Matting and M8A1 Landing Mat, designed and used in Viet Nam to create landing airstrips for fighters and light transport planes.


Does any one make it 1/32 or 1/35?  I like to use it for some diorama ideas  OV-10 Bronco and a Navy Huey!


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The 300 year old swamp cedar has a huge grain , never out of water you see , so it may not be best for some patterns.

Here is the finished cobblestone base:


One side a little wider for a nameplate. Easy enough to make a file form a plan view pic of the revetment Viet Nam PSP.

Check it here :


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Guest Dekenba
2 hours ago, krow113 said:

lol kaiser steel!!??

I could do this with my laser onto a piece of wood.

Here is a base done in that fashion:




"My laser".


You've got your own laser?!

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Guest Dekenba
1 hour ago, krow113 said:



Now, you don't see many of those in amongst the stash!


Do the house lights flicker when you power it up?!

I can swap you a WNW Felixstowe Duel set for your laser. And a WNW Pup. And a WNW Camel of your choice. A J.1, SE.5a, AEG, Gotha & THREE Albatros.

I've a feeling your laser cost more than my entire stash.....

But it's so cool.

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