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Spike Milligan

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While we all need some cheer, Just remembering Spike Milligan. Spike spent the last years of his life living just North of Sydney in Woy Woy.
I recall reading his wartime memoir back in the late 70's "Adolf Hitler my part in his downfall" and I found this odd facebook meme below that's suitably Spike's humour.



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Ah, I love a bit of Spike Milligan. My Dad was a huge Goons fan so I was indoctrinated early but as a kid in the 70s and early 80s I remember his TV shows such as Q8 which were just unlike anything else around bar maybe Kenny Everett. Each half hour show would be 10 minutes of dross, 10 minutes of funny stuff and then 10 minutes of absolute genius. You just had to tolerate the rubbish to get to the good bits - bit like Monty Python as well.

His books are great as well - I can heartily recommend Puckoon if you like something distracting about the absurdities of life. I can't remember which of his military books it's in, but I always remember the story of his regiment's first casualties when they used petrol on the latrine pit as they'd run out of disinfectant!

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