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HMS Speedy, 1/64 scale Brig/Sloop by Vanguard Models


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Once in awhile, someone catches me unawares. BiggTim has, on occasion, chastised me for not, every now and then, building in wood. Then, during one of my infrequent sojourns into the drunken bliss of homemade corn whiskey, a member here dared me to actually build a meaningful model of an historic ship.....  in wood.  Any other time, I would have blurted out “get stuffed” or something similar, at that moment of reduced faculty, I agreed.

Three weeks later, this is sitting on my doorstep.   Game on.




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Go, Ernie, go !

You have chosen a kit from the Tamiwings of wooden ship models. Chris Watton’s kits are really among the best : well designed, test-fit by the designer himself, and with quality materials. If you think this is daunting, imagine doing this with a Trumpeter-Mig-15-type kit issued as a cheap knockoff by a pirate Chinese company.




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Looking great Ernie, do yourself a favor and use lengthened planks for the deck, like the original ones. It adds much to the realism. I haven't done so years ago with my kutter and improvised with pencil now, not the best of choices.

Cheers Rob

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