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Zoukei-mura He219 "UHU" - built

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Jim asked me to come on board so I thought I would share these shots of the ZM UHU - this is the test aircraft used for the ejector seat trials so has partial canopy and stipped out radio gear. Built from a test shot without any decals and features in the ZM Concept Note


regards David

AIR Modeller Magazine_DSC2962-vi.jpg_DSC2976-vi.jpg_DSC2966-vi.jpg_DSC2988-vi.jpgZ62-vi.jpgZ56-vi.jpg_DSC2973-vi.jpg_DSC3020-vi.jpg_DSC3023-vi.jpg_DSC3028-vi.jpg_DSC3014-vi.jpg

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a wonderful advert for the Z-m kit


i wonder if after having built this, you could give your thoughts on this vs the Revell offering?




i think it would be useful for our members to get another view from someone who has built this kit 


we all know there are pro / cons of each (accuracy vs price in my mind?), but hearing from someone with hands-on experience would be really good


this certainly looks a show stopper to my mind





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I know I've already said this David, but that is one seriously outstanding build. I knew you were a little hacked off with having to do that scheme, but you nailed it, especially that reworked cockpit area. You should have cast that in resin. I might even have considered that scheme myself.

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