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F16 C


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Poland bought the block 52 C/D model with the conformal fuel tanks. 


If you're building one from the Tamiya kit, you can use the C/J version but need the narrow NSI intake and P&W burner can. GT resin makes both. You'll also need a extended parapack tail. PWMP makes one or see if someone building an Academy F-16 has a spare. 

The dark grey bit is the PWMP parapack. 


The Academy kit has both intakes and the parapack tail but there are supposedly shape issues with the intake. Zacto models does a replacement intake for it. 

Model Maker makes masks and decal for Polish Vipers. I've used one of their sets on my stalled F-16 build and they worked well. 




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Tamiya is the best in terms of fit and accuracy. No surprise. The CJ kit builds a large mouth GE powered Viper, so any block that ends in a  -2. GT Resin makes the smaller intake and PW burner can so you can do a block -0 plane. The OOP T-birds kit has the small intake and PW burner can but they're hard to find and go for silly money. 

The Academy kit is the only 2 seater kit available. The intake has shape issues but otherwise it's a nice kit. The spine and conformal fuel tanks are optional so you're not stuck using them. They also do a single seater. 

AFV Club is a re-box of the Academy kit with some added resin details to make it closer an approximation to the specific variant they're representing. I built one as a ROCAF version a few years ago. This is even harder to find than the Tamiya T-bird kit these days. 

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Forgot, the Hasegawa is a much earlier plane. Builds a decent A version from what I recall. 

One thing I didn't touch on is the landing gear. There's heavyweight and lightweight gear. Only the Tamiya T-bird kit has the lightweight gear. Primarily seen on planes up to Block 30. 

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15 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Carl, how do you know all this stuff.......... very impressive ......all I know it’s got two wings, a glorified hairdryer as an engine thing and one maybe two seats...........:respect:

Phil, it's mostly from other folks answering the same questions I've asked in the past. I sometimes forget all the answers but no reason I shouldn't pass on what I do remember. 

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On 12/15/2020 at 7:57 PM, BlrwestSiR said:

Forgot, the Academy kit has the conformal fuel tanks if you want to use them. I'm leaving them off mine. 

Hey Carl, interested in the conformal tanks. Let me know.....harv

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