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  1. We need to start something with these model companies. There are new companies seemingly starting every day. There needs to be three kits released in 1/32 that are currently neglected. The list is as follows..... Aichi D3A Val dive bomber Nakajima B6N Jill torpedo bomber Nakajima Kikka Jet fighter The first two are grossly overlooked by kit manufacturers and the third would just be cool....who can we contact to get the ball rolling to get some company to make these.....
  2. If you have one to part with let me know. I'm in the US but I'm interested if anyone has one. If your from outside the US it's not a dealbreaker.... Send me a note here or send me an email at executor70@aol.com.
  3. Can you just post them here in this thread so then they can be organized here and easy for anyone to find when they will be working on their kits?
  4. Nice work, I think you took that as far as you can with the stock kit parts, but I can't live with that seam, I'll wait for AM, or scratch myself
  5. Lots of things can change between now and then......
  6. I've seen the outside at the museum, but that reference is pretty good. I noticed a piece of plywood behind the pilot seat but it doesn't seem to be on the other side behind the co-pilot. You think that's original? Just curious
  7. How close to the wartime look? Is this pretty well restored? Can I use this as reference to build my model? Whats missing and what shouldn't be there?
  8. Hubert you need to give it to me in layman's terms. I did read your other posts and I'm sure they're full of awesome information but to me they may as well be written in Sanskrit. Is there anyway you can break it down for a dummy like me :-) :-)
  9. I just purchased this kit and I plan to start building it. I guess i have some questions, I am no USAAF expert so I will be watching closely. I love building huge models out of my comfort zone, and this fits the bill. I guess the questions I have are this......Does anyone have actual pictures of this wing issue? There is a lot of technical talk here but I have no idea what your talking about. You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words.....also someone referenced another forum where someone is doing a build....can you provide a link or at least the name of that forum as I would love to check that out too....Thanks and sorry for my newbie issues. I know this stuff is all obvious to to guys so please take pity on me I just want to learn from all experts and all of the knowledge here.....
  10. Amazing.....work of art. I love the fact that it's just wood and raw linen and it's so rich...really well done...
  11. Don't know if you like WWI subjects, but I have an interesting part that is maybe worth making. So the back story is Copper State Models came out with these beautiful Austro Daimler 160 and 200 engines in 1/32. These are really spectacular. NOw I got to thinking, what can I do with this engine? One of the things that came to mind was a Fokker DVII MAG. I'm not a super historian in this area, but I believe the Austrians license built the Fokker DVII but they put their own engines in them. So I thought if I put this beautiful engine in the Fantastic WNW Fokker kits, that would be a really interesting version. No one makes it in 1/32, only 1/48th. So this is where you come in.....it has a different radiator! So what if you did the radiator for this conversion. You would be the only game in town, and if anyone wanted to do this version, then they could use your parts. it's simple, but something needed......
  12. I actually finished mine up a few months back, I'll be following along....
  13. My vote.... Fokker Dr.1 Albatros DIII (OEF) Spad VII Gotha G V
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