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  1. Kawanishi N1K2-J Shindei Kai (George)

    Sorry photos taken on cell phone.
  2. Kawanishi N1K2-J Shindei Kai (George)

    Sorry for the quality of photos were made with my cell phone, now the engine
  3. Greetings my hemrnaito I leave advances a new projects the others stop them by the arrival of the resins.
  4. He-162

    Greetings fellow new table a Heinkel salamander 1/32 revell tomorrow will go up the first photos and I will be updating my work tables.
  5. Welcome to the revamped LSM

    Great job, I like the new version.
  6. Mig 27 1/48 AMT Lybia

    AMT 1/48 my friend Danny.
  7. Ta-152H-0 awaiting restoration at the NASM

    Excellent progress, we are on the lookout for more surprising advances of a great work done in the model. A question where you choose the information on how the wings are mounted on the wood transport greetings.
  8. What better way to correct the wrong nose for a resin, I thought it was difficult to make molds and work the resin, you have made it easy to see the new advances of such great modeling project.
  9. Eduard P-47D Thunderbolt "Dottie Mae" WIP

    Encouraging the start of the table to what will be a great job in its finalization, pedientes of more advances, I liked the beginning with the photo cuts and the cabling realized in the cabin.
  10. He 219 AO OWL 1/32

    Very tempting the table and great work, pedneintes of the new advances that surely we will walk here in the construction of the Uhu.
  11. Mig 27 1/48 AMT Lybia

    Thanks, I also think with a good Mig-27 kit in 1/32.
  12. Me-163 Komet 1/32 meng

    New developments of the komet what I got to do during the day, and finish the other part of the machine gun, I work the internal structure of the rear fuselage inside with styrene since the piece in half no longer had that internal detail.
  13. Mig 27 1/48 AMT Lybia

    Comrades of the modelistic vice I leave photos of my last finished model is a Mig 27 that I would like to share with you greetings.
  14. Eduard P-47D Thunderbolt "Dottie Mae" WIP

    Will be an interesting pending project of the table of work of the P-47