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  1. Perhaps Ferrari yellow.with the prancing horse logo.. Jeeze Ernie..now I want to do one.
  2. I posted pics of the show on T.O.S.
  3. HA HA HA....Too funny Martin....Hoping you'll be the fourth. cheers my friend.
  4. I never like any of my finished builds.. even in some cases just gave them away. ..All but one one perhaps..Full conversion on Special Hobby F-80 to a Canadair CT-133. I still like it.
  5. Big thanks guys really do appreciate it.. And Martin "Nobody builds them for a reason" and we both now know why.
  6. We do NEED a whole new F-86...These are some issues on both the Kinetic and Has. kits....biggest on the Has. is the cockpit and canopy are not 32nd scale..too small for the rest of the aircraft...the Kinetic is far too thick in places and the surface detail and panel lines could be a whole lot better(the nose and gun troughs are just bad),plus the tail planes are the wrong sweep and shape and again too thick...There are more than a number of items to correct on both kits ..but you get the idea. and Harold is correct,made new nose and gun panels and sent to him,Harold is a great guy to deal with....scratched a lot of detail in my own cockpits for the Sabre. Would love to see a new kit,would be over the moon.
  7. Yup...Calgary is supposed to get buried. Sorry Martin.
  8. It's starting to accumulate where we are.
  9. But...but...they said September..and..and...nothing happened...... Take that.
  10. I'm going......stopped buying raffle tickets though...got enough for two lifetimes. might donate a few items. And trust me..it will rain.
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