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  1. 6 hours ago, Jeff said:

    So cool, wish we had stuff like that around here......


        I didn't know that it was near me until 5 weeks ago.  It was only 25 minutes drive.  When I lived in the US, the only military gear I got to climb on was the Sherman tank outside the Grayling Michigan VFW Hall.




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  2. 7 hours ago, Jackster said:

    Having read Ken Tout's memoirs of a Sherman crew in WW2 after D-Day, I would love to clamber around inside one, get an actual feel for the confines.






        If you're over 5'8" you'd find it hard going.  At 6'3" there was no place I could stand up, and the driver's compartment was totally too small for me.



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  3. Hi everyone,

         Today my club had our monthly meeting at Tankride in beautiful Tamborine Queensland.  They have quite a few runners including Centurion Tanks, armored cars, and APCs as well as some great display stuff like a BMW with a sidecar.  But I only took a few pictures.  I got somebody to take one of me so that you all won't think I look like Dr. Strangelove:










    This tank was damaged in combat in Vietnam and deemed not repairable.  So, they took of the remains of the upper bits and turned it into a training vehicle.




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  4. 4 minutes ago, Ivan Ivanovich said:

    It's coming together quite nicely, Gaz.

    The unpainted steel structures on actual MiG-25 aircraft only hold a rather dull and greyish metallic sheen. Except for the area immediately in front of the afterburner nozzles - titanium alloys, not steel.

    On aircraft with partially unpainted wing leading edges the unpainted area comprised only a few centimetres of the leading edge - approximately 4-5 cm on the top and appr. 3-4 cm on the underside. Certain batches of the MiG-25PD/PDS featured a slightly different leading edge assembly similar to RB and BM aircraft. You'll find PD/PDS aircraft with completely painted wings just as frequently. The leading edges of the stabilators were generally unpainted.

    HI Ivan,

        Thank you!  I was planning on making all of the bare metal parts as dull/weathered/heated using pictures from online to guide me.  For the leading edge of the wing, I just went with the panel lines provided...  I may change it...  The paint I used though acting like lacquer paint, is very fragile.



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  5. Thank everyone for their kind thoughts and likes.


    Well, April Fool's day has come and gone.  And I'm still working on this beast.  Today I added more parts and then puttied all of the 90-degree joints that needed it with an acrylic based putty that can  be removed with a damp Q-tip or cloth.  Unfortunately, the Spaztix, though acting like a lacquer, is easily affected by a little water and cotton.  Go figure!  I fear what will happen when I mask it.  Anyway....


    Here are some current photos taken in my foto booth with the light diffuser in place.  Hardcore comparison photos will be taken once I have a weathered model to shoot.  At this point, the gray details don't show...








    Looking at these photos, I have to say I'm not overly keen on the diffuser.  but we'll see.





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  6. 5 hours ago, 1to1scale said:

    white is easy, the trick is to use a white primer under it, then spray a lacquer.  Tough as nails.

    I was referring more to weathering, than anything else.  But rock on man.  Looking forward to seeing this beauty realized en' Plastique.



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  7. I look forward to seeing the build as I meant to buy this kit last weekend, but left it sitting on the shelf by mistake.

    There are millions of us interested in German stuff who aren't Nazi sympathizers.

    I'm not an Anglophile despite the fact that I believe the best music ever made was created by young Englishmen experimenting with or heavily using drugs.  I guess I don't consider myself a druggie sympathizer either.

    This hobby would be no fun if we worried about what everyone else thought.


    Rock on!



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  8. Well Comrades...

         It's been a while since my last update.  And while I haven't had as much times as I'd like to work on the MiG, I have advanced a bit.  Under the forward intakes, some reshaping and detail replacement was required.  Though some of the fit issues of the kit can be managed by trimming the inside of the parts, the last bit had to be done from the outside.  At one point, while using a beading tool to replace a rivet, it went clean through the remaining plastic.

    I also received my portable photo booth with LED lighting strips.  Sop these three photos are the first taken within.  It has three background colors, peach, white, and black.


    The hubs are Tamiya matte green mixed with Tamiya matte white and then sprayed with Future.  The leading edges are painted with Spastix Chrome which I hope I can eventually weather into a passable steel.  The black-primed areas near the engines will be given the Chrome treatment as well and then weathered to hopefully give an often-heated steel look.



    The area of both intakes took quite an effort to get together successfully.  You might notice a bit of putty here and there.


    Thanks for looking!




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  9. Hi everyone,

         Of all the hardest images to find of an y specific aircraft, are those taken from above.  Walkaround photos abound,  but most of the time, the upper surfaces are missed due to the fact that the cameraman isn't 12 feet tall. 

    I'm hoping to see how the area above the engines weathered, or was treated by ground crew.

    I can find a few photos like this:1828105d1544894593t-indian-aviation-mig-

    but the angle is all wrong for seeing detail.


    Thanks for your help!



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