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  1. 6 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

    Plot device? They were torpedoes though so maybe they were designed to do that...

    On 4/18/2019 at 4:08 PM, Martinnfb said:

    drugs were cheap in seventies :)

    Anyway...  Lucas lost me with Ewoks.  Vertically challenged peoples with stone-aged technology beating trained troops with armor and blasters?  A glider with a 6 foot wingspan that can drop a boulder... Come-on! 

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  2. 1 hour ago, DocRob said:

    I'm in for that one. I started that same kit some years ago and had it out of the shelf twice last week. Maybe I continue with you along, although I'm not sure about the scheme I will depict. Thought about Lozenge too, but might choose the silvery white one from the kit.

    Cheers Rob

    Getting silvery white is the problem.  If you add silver paint to a larger amount white, you get gray.  Somehow you need to get a white with metal pigments that aren't too large.  Anyway...  break it out!



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  3. 1 hour ago, Bomber_County said:

    Gaz, looking forward to this build, I’ve still got my WnW Camel in the stash so going follow carefully for any tips....:popcorn:


       You should dive right in.  It's just a model.  As with all WNW, leave the surfaces to be glued clear of paint.



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  4. HI everyone,

        The first WWI movie that truly caught my imagination was The Blue Max with George Peppard.  That was a long time ago as I was just a boy.  To me, it's still a better movie than the Red Baron released a few years ago.


    Without CGI and a cast of great actors like James Mason (one of my all-time favorites), it still rates quite highly in my mind.

    The victim in this build is WNW's D.IIIa, built essentially OOB. 


      It happens to be the wrong type for the movie, but since the movie was made with some British thang, I don't think it matters.  Most of the Pfalz were delivered in paint schemes that don't do anything for me.  So, I'm gonna burn through some of the many Lozenge decals that came with my Albatros Trilogy kit.


    Please stay tuned!



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  5. On 4/17/2019 at 11:00 AM, Martinnfb said:

     instrument bezels for Beaufighter arrived , and I just noticed that they are in 1/48 scale. Still ok, useful  for something . Back to ordering 32nd scale this time.  Oh well more time for the dolphin nose with brand spanking new sanding blocks and few sheets of save 220 and 180 grit sand paper. :)



    What do you use that coarse stuff on?  The roughest I've used is 400, and then I regretted it because it scratched the plastic too much.  I use 800-1500 for normal modelling.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Ivan Ivanovich said:

    On a fairly well maintained operational MiG-25PD/PDS you could easily spot the larger service and maintenance markings from a distance of more than 50 metres.



    It's your model. You decide.


    Well...  I hadn't really made a decision until I read all of the answers and saw the photos you guys posted.  Thank you!  I think I can see enough in the above photo to clue me in.   It's not that I hate placing deals.  I hate silvering.  And every decal presents a silvering opportunity.  So, the surface has to be immaculately smooth.  Any hint of porousness will eventually show.  So...


    Thank you!



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  7. 7 minutes ago, DocRob said:

    Nice, the ultimate badass copter. I found a build description of one here (German text)


    There is a book published by Eduard about Czech Mi-24. As it is written in Czech I can't read it, but it has a lot of great pics. Eduard sold the book with their limited edition 1/72 Hind and separately, but it seems out of print now, but might be available elsewhere.


    Cheers Rob

    Too bad it's in a foreign language.  I'd like to Czech it out!:rofl:

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  8. 3 minutes ago, DocRob said:

    A while ago I built a 1/48 F-15 Eagle and did the full stenciling job :icon_eek:. I think the result looked ok, but since this time I have a more than slightly aversion to start another modern jet. More than once I put a F-4 Phantom back into the shelf and it was the only reason I didn't buy an AMK Mig-31 till now. I hate decaling in general and stenciling even more. One thing you might take into account is the quality of the decals. If they blend in perfectly without silvering and visible shining film, they will enhance your model a lot in my opinion.

    Cheers Rob

    Thanks for your input Rob. I have held the plastic of the AMK MiG-31 in my hands.  You are cheating yourself of a truly awesome kit!



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