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  1. 4 hours ago, Peterpools said:


    Looking so good - mighty nice progress.

    Any reason why the paint lifted with the masks?

    Keep 'em comin


    Thank you, Peter!

    All I can figure is that the areas where the paint didn't lift were sanded during the building process.  Before painting, everything was given a thorough rub down with isopropyl.  Because of nice (though incorrect) surface details made by Monogram/Revell I avoided sanding wherever possible.  I always thought the Alclad primers would bite into the bare plastic...  but apparently I was wrong.



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  2. I always wonder about oil-canning and the end of the Reich.  How long did things like Me-262's and V-2's sit baking in the sun before they were photographed?  We all know about expansion and contraction.  I just wonder how much is construction related.


    Keep up the good work!



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  3. HI everyone!

         I applied four masks today and had four areas of paint lift.  Live and learn, I guess. 


    There really are white borders on the underwing crosses.  You also may notice some differences in my yellows.  The oil cooler had huge paint lift today, and whenever I needed yellow, I used three colors from Tamiya to brown it up a bit which I mixed in the paint cup of the airbrush.  I didn't always get all of the previous color out of the paint cup.


    I wanted the wing walk lines to be low vis./faded looking.  I used 5 parts XF-7 flat red and 3 parts XF-66 light grey.  Because I have recently added the gloss coat prior to decaling, they look darker than with the eye.



    Did a little detail painting, too.  The MG 131's, tailwheel, main wheels and LG, heat stained exhaust as well as the exhaust stain which is mostly hidden by the black motif on the fuselage sides.  Even  did a little minor chipping on the wing root which you can barely see.


    The gloss coat seemed to blend everything together a bit.  The main camo colors have a sheen, where all of the Tamiya paints used for markings were matte.


    Thanks for looking!




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  4. Your color looks good.   Many shades of RLM paint colors look alot like earlier chips any time you have more than one chip to use for comparison.  There are chips of 76 that look like chips of 65 and on and on it goes.  I've got to the point where I don't worry about the exactness of the color, but more on how it relates to the other colors.



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  5. 9 hours ago, DocRob said:

    Wow, that's big trouble with the Colour lifting. Did you rub the plastic with alcohol before priming. Normally Alclad Primer was pretty strong and adhered well, when I used it.
    Paint is looking great now, so no way to stop you, right :D?

    Cheers Rob

    Yessir, I gave it a rubdown with alcohol.  Just seems that any tiny spot not sanded, the paint lifts.  More this morning...  Still, I'm going on.

    8 hours ago, coolboxx said:

    Beating this in to submission, great job. 

    Thanks, mate!  Though it's still putting up a fight!



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  6. Hi everyone!

        I think I've been though a mile and a half of masking tape today...  all of it de-tacked on my arm.   I ended up sanding all of the paint away from aft of the cockpit to the empennage.  That cured most of my paint lift.  I still had a little today, but not enough to cause me to go through hoops again.  The lower rad flaps, antenna, and rudder all got knocked off in the process.  I've re-attached the antenna and the rudder is held on by blutack.  The prop is dry fitted for aesthetic purposes.



    I think the port fuselage cross is a bit high...  but it's staying there.  The only direction to go is forward.



    Thanks for looking!




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  7. Thank you!!

    Well...  that's something else to figure out.  The profile I'm using doesn't have anything camo-specific to either Erla or Regensburg about it.  And the earliest set of serials is for MTT.  And mine has to be from the earliest set of serials as only a few hundred were completed with the earlier style hub for the main wheels.

    Got a good paint guide for the early MTT machines?


    I'm gonna go look at the Marc Andre Haldimann site and see if I can find something useful.



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  8. I haven't been modelling as long as most of you so my mojo hasn't flagged, yet.  But no armor?  Really?  Warships?  Me...  if it ain't armed, I ain't interested.  


    Speaking of what the Chinese man said:  I got some new undies recently.  Bamboo, lycra...  new shape.  Very comfy.  Anyway...  got an advertisement email from them the other day it said:

    Confucius Say:  Bad underwear like cheap hotel;  No ballroom!

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