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  1. I have bought a couple different solutions, but nothing really works "perfectly", Either they take too much space from the workbench, or they don't hold enough bottles. I now have paint from about 12 different brands and lines, for different applications... Over 250 bottles stored in various places on the bench. I need a mansion for this to be perfect. My perfect room would have 3 wall benches, and room for a conference table in the middle, with 1 side dedicated to building, one to painting and one for "other". The conference table would be for having friends over for build nights. I'd have a paint booth vented through the wall, and wide enough to fit a large 32nd model. and deep enough to be able to do the same. but alas... have to win the lotto first.
  2. 12 hours now, after some idiots at Sunwing could't show up sober after 8 hours... And with 12 hour shifts, no time for "cough syrup" lol. And NO Confetti!!
  3. Well there's enough tragedy around the planet, don't need it striking here! I'll have a "cough syrup" for you in a few days when I go off shift, new rules are too stingent at the moment so can't have any between shifts!
  4. I'm just happy you're up and about. Went and got my booster yesterday, and that knocked me on my behind for the day, but can be anything like what you've been through twice. Get well soon!
  5. I really want to go, but we will have to see what this Covid sh#t is doing... And work.
  6. I do! I am hoping to start it in 2022!
  7. Wish I'd not decided to fold mine... it caused me to shelve the kit for a bit... I'll take mine out again soon though, need my Butch O'Hare plane!
  8. Get well soon! Nothing else matters. hope you and the rest of your family aren't feeling too bad. Harald
  9. Wow. I'm speechless! What a fantastic Christmas this has been. I got to work with two fantastic senior pilots, got some absolutely fantastic gifts from my family. And now this... I'm speechless! Thank you all, and Ernie, a fellow Manitoban!
  10. I'm in, US $50 credit to store of your choosing. Also would like to be part of the draw! Cheers Harald in Winnipeg
  11. The larger windows are actually the entire emergency exit removed. Sweet job!
  12. get well soon! we need you here still!
  13. How much do the walls need sanding for the fitting of the interior? I have the same kit and I'm now quaking in my boots... Hopefully the Titanic will take long... lmao!
  14. Nice! It's awesome to see so many Walter builds!
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