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  1. I have a spare set of ResKit CF-104 wheels in 1/32nd scale, so whomever is in need of a set, let me know, and I'll send them to you! No cost. Cheers Harald
  2. I just got this paper book for my birthday! Can't wait to dig in, Gladwell speaks well, so I can only imagine he writes well!
  3. We had a blizzard yesterday, got a bit of snow, maybe 6 inches total but the snowfall wasn't too bad, most of the accumulation was due to blowing not falling snow. What's worse is that the temperature dropped from -4C, which is reasonable or even shall we say mild in Manitoba, to -30C in 24 hours... It's downright nasty out now...
  4. I ordered 3 spouts for my Mr. Color thinners, halfway around the world in 2 weeks. Included a little fun gift too. Good store. Mind you it's my first experience with them.
  5. Nice one! I tried to get one of those Revell G's but I was too slow.
  6. I agree Harv. I bought the HpH B-52 Cockpit, but I wish it had fuselage sides... But I hope to do it some justice!
  7. First real completed Large Scale Kit for this site. The Lancaster cockpit section from HK Models. This is quite large, and I can't begin to imagine how large the whole thing is! I'm not as accomplished as most of you here, but I did a for me, good job. tried some weathering techniques inside, with some worn off metal by chipping the floors and desks etc. hard to see from outside. I used the Eduard Cockpit set as the kit comes with nothing. Surprised really, but I guess we can't get everything we want! Canadian subject because Canada! Anyway, I started this this summer, and completed it today! For some reason the chipping on the display cart doesn't show up in the images, and the Canopy is not fixed in place, I chose to leave it removable so I can peak inside... Cheers Harald
  8. Just got some new Anyz materials. I'm sure most of you are aware of Anyz, and he recently came out with a new line of materials, Photoetched buckles! I got some additional stuff, but I thought it worth mentioning in any case! Some more decals, and seat belt buckles in 48th and 32nd. These are great additions to the model enhancement catalogue! Cheers! H.
  9. I have bought a couple different solutions, but nothing really works "perfectly", Either they take too much space from the workbench, or they don't hold enough bottles. I now have paint from about 12 different brands and lines, for different applications... Over 250 bottles stored in various places on the bench. I need a mansion for this to be perfect. My perfect room would have 3 wall benches, and room for a conference table in the middle, with 1 side dedicated to building, one to painting and one for "other". The conference table would be for having friends over for build nights. I'd have a paint booth vented through the wall, and wide enough to fit a large 32nd model. and deep enough to be able to do the same. but alas... have to win the lotto first.
  10. 12 hours now, after some idiots at Sunwing could't show up sober after 8 hours... And with 12 hour shifts, no time for "cough syrup" lol. And NO Confetti!!
  11. Well there's enough tragedy around the planet, don't need it striking here! I'll have a "cough syrup" for you in a few days when I go off shift, new rules are too stingent at the moment so can't have any between shifts!
  12. I'm just happy you're up and about. Went and got my booster yesterday, and that knocked me on my behind for the day, but can be anything like what you've been through twice. Get well soon!
  13. I really want to go, but we will have to see what this Covid sh#t is doing... And work.
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