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  1. Just a funny helicopter anecdote, since there was one earlier... I had to do a power check on a 206L3, I had to call center and ask for 15000 feet... over dryden. The guy at center just said; If you can get that high? fill your boots...."
  2. Ha cool! Standard Universal! Yeah we rotorheads think you fixed wing guys are nuts too... There's a bunch of 185s, Otters and Beavers on slippers (floats) that fart around much lower than us... I just don't join the circuit, just land into the apron in the best fashion not to end up in front of any planks... Northern Manitoba, indeed all of northern Canada is filled with wrecks. I've seen my fair share for sure, never found any hidden gems yet though! Cheers, Harald
  3. Interesting! So in 2007 or 8 I got to go to Charron Lake (N52.73 W95.28), about 70 Nautical south south west of Island Lake (CYIV), to help the Western Canada Air Museum in Winnipeg sling the tail section of a Fokker Super Universal! It was in the exhibit when I went in 2018, but they lost their Hangar. I don't know if they have gotten funding for a new location yet. I had it on a 100 foot long line on the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, and we stopped in Little Grand Rapids for fuel, before making it to Lac Du Bonnet with it. The tail section was in a crate and had horrible drag, but it was fu
  4. Hey guys, I know there's been a run on Wingnut Wings kits lately. My local hobbyshop has a few, Hobbysense in Winnipeg, Canada. Hope it's ok that I post here. Cheers Harald
  5. hobbysense.com in Canada may have some too
  6. I'll add again the A-10 package as the interested party backed out. Included is Trumpeter A-10A kit, some bags open and a couple large parts off sprue (fuselage) Eduard A-10 Exterior photo etch Eduard masks for canopy Squadron Canopy X2 AMS A-10C upgrade Cutting Edge cockpit Cutting Edge exterior parts Cutting Edge gun Cutting edge dual rail adapter True details wheels Olimp details and bombs with decals GT Resin engine intakes, fans and exhaust. Some of these aftermarket sets are no longer available. For
  7. Probing for interest to see if any of my large scale kit packages will sell... Shipping will be additional at cost from Winnipeg, Canada. Prices in US Dollars, and packages will NOT be broken up. I am currently at work and nothing will ship until the 5th of August, I'm just seeing if there is any interest, and if there is I will appreciate some patience. I will do my best to get this out asap! Ask for info and I'll do my best, I'll get pictures etc when I get home in 3 sleeps if needed! Package #1 A-10A Full meal deal Trumpeter A-10A Kit with the following aftermarket include
  8. Thankfully both my wife and I have expensive hobbies, so we both encourage each other! Works well that way. She too is of the opinion that if I really want it, I should get it... Hence why I'm ordering the HpH B-52 32nd Cockpit. (I'm seriously considering ordering the actual 48th B-52 as well, but it is STUPID expensive...)
  9. BradG, the problem is you can be a carrier with no symptoms, hence, wear a mask if unable to distance yourself, as in a store etc.
  10. Just to point out, the deaths are usually 3 to 6 weeks behind the spikes, so they will start to increase again. When the ICU's are filling and they are struggling to find beds, I hardly find that comforting. I was supposed to go to Florida for training, but due to extreme spike in cases that has now been cancelled. I hardly think the rapid increase from 2oK a day to 57K in a week is just a "blip" but there we go. At work now the precautions are quite severe, with masks required every flight, and the helicopter is misted and cleaned every time we carry pax and being EMS most our pax a
  11. I got Furloughed early on, so had 4 weeks off, an extension to my normal 2 off, but got called back and been balls to the walls since. Fly air medical transport and we have had a few suspect cases, but mostly just sick people... But the post flight routines have changed lots... Never had a machine so clean on the insides... Not much time for modeling even wit my 2 extra weeks of holidays though, as I had a project at my trailer. We are on a seasonal spot, and are working on beautifying and personalizing it...
  12. That's a crazy build! Awesome scratch work!
  13. I just didn't have any pics of the front end I think... But here is the seat, AMS Resin of course! And front office. But alas, I'm away at work for another week so...
  14. Well, I got furloughed, then that was rescinded, but in the meantime i got started on this one: Kittyhawk F-86K. I have a bunch of other things going too, but this one is taking most of the bench right now. Markings are masked and painted.
  15. Man, that's just gorgeous. I'n not particularly keen on Axis weapons of war, but you have done an amazing job on that kit! Lovely!
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