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Quinta Studio February new release of the Tamiya Mk.IX Spitfire cockpit in 1/32 scale


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And another new announcement, February new releases of the Tamiya Mk.IX Spitfire cockpit in 1/32 scale, Mk VIII and XVI coming at a later date. Price is expected to be $24.99.


Just look at that leather Backpad!




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I may be selling these, but I am a true believer. I not just promoting these for gain, I think that these were revolutionary for the hobby, now you have several other manufacturers trying to catch up, but without the finesse that Quinta puts into their panels.

Here is a Tamiya F-14A I did back around August before I got any Quinta panels...





Now here is the F-14D cockpit I did this last month with Quinta panels, and to be honest, it took exactly the same amount of time to complete.





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