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15 minutes ago, Jeff said:

HOLY !!!!  Even we don't get that kind of ice here, you must've got a LOT of freezing rain.............. I have never seen anything quite like that..... I suppose the next thing will be local flooding..... I wonder what all the 'reptiles' are doing to stay ahead of this?

Very little freezing rain but a lot of snow and sleet. It's starting to thaw just a little but it'll be a while before it's gone. We're still getting night time lows in the teens which isn't helping! Still no water due to broken city mains, etc. As my youngest son used to say when he was very little and we'd try to feed him some baby food he didn't like "Can't like it!" :unsure:

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Hate to say it, but this is the kind of stuff the scientists have been talking about the last ten year. 

Meanwhile...  petrol in Australia will be as low as S1.06AUD on Wednesday and as high as $1.57AUD Friday through Monday.

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