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Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair "17-F-13" (VF-17)


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The included pilot figure is wearing the entire harness minus the strap sections that attach to the back of the seat, so the current plan is to use cut-down straps from Radu's "1/32 US Seatbelts" set trimmed right up to the first set of buckles. We'll see how well I can integrate the two with a little stick-glue and a bit of paint...

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Thanks again guys.


I'm quite the inexperienced figure painter and am having a second go at finishing the pilot after muffing the first attempt and stripping the paint back down to bare primer. Have spent a good bit of time researching and working out suitable Vallejo mixes for his final palette.


So here he is all base coated, minus goggles and mask hose: 




Wanted to paint his face before I attach the clear plastic goggles, which will be tinted a light clear amber on the inside. Then just have to put on the final colors, highlights and shadows, and then it'll be back to the airframe.

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