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Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair "17-F-13" (VF-17)


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Out of the box, with the exception of the decals, some of which I'll be replacing from EagleCals' "Birdcage Corsairs: Part 2" set:




The current plan is a wings-down, wheels-up, in-flight rendition using the provided stand. Thinking now about whether or not it will be piloted and having trouble waiting until August 1st to get started...

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Cleaned this extra side workspace and finished new shelves and lighting for now. 


Working up base coats of bronze green and black for the cockpit:




Having a great time researching the interior colors of the early Corsairs as well as the period US pilot's uniform, as I've decided I absolutely need to have him in there.

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So what color is the right color? What paint are you using?


There's definitely no right color, IMO. At the moment I'm trying out different mixes or Mr. Color 14 "Navy Blue" and 126 "Cockpit Color (Mitsubishi)". Heavier on the blue than the green. Dave and Matt have covered the "why" and I'll only add a couple of links that I've found helpful:

I've base coated my cockpit but haven't done any shading, so while what I have now is dark it's only going to get lighter from here:




You should do it wheels down coming in for a landing and try pulling off that "blurred ground" effect for a base.


That would be too cool. Something like this:




or maybe even this guy coming in too hot:




How sweet would that be?

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So now "out-of-the-box" includes the new Barracuda cockpit stencils and engine upgrade, or accuracy "downgrade" as the case may be, as well as RB Productions' masks and seatbelts :




Some more research and trial-and-error getting the interior colors nailed down:




The Barracuda stencil set instructions are online, which is easier on my eyes than some tiny paper insert. Very nice:




And now finished with interior base coats and stencils for the interior sub-assemblies:




Still need to do some chipping and washes and then assemble everything. Really enjoying this kit, as it's easily the best one I've ever built in just about every way.


Here's a close-up look at some of the Barracuda instrument stencils in place:




More interior bits:








Meanwhile this guy watches the progress on his new ride:




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Looking awesome Kev!


What was your mixture for the Bronze Green? I may have to steal your mixture for mine!


Thanks Dave!


In the end I mixed Tamiya AS-08 "Navy Blue (US Navy)" decanted from the spray can with Mr. Color 126 "Cockpit Color (Mitsubishi)" in about a two-to-one ratio, blue to green. To my eye, the Mr. Color 14 "Navy Blue" was too green as a starting point, and the Tamiya version is a good bit bluer. Had no problem at all mixing the two brands of lacquers in my airbrush along with the usual amount of Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. 

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Wow, thanks guys!



Do you have a bottle of the 365 FS15042 Gloss Seablue from the US Navy set? I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are to that instead of the AS-80 or C14 colours...


I have both Mr. Color Sea Blues, the standard-issue one and the one from the three-color US Navy set and while they look same-ish in the bottle I haven't sprayed them both for a direct comparison just yet. Will be doing pretty soon as I need to decide what I like best for the base exterior colors.


Forgot to mention that I used a good bit of Mr. Color 122 "RLM82 Light Green" mixed with the Tamiya AS-08 for highlighting the darker bronze green base coat.

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