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My weekend

harvey boyer

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Sure beat my Saturday Harv...


Spent most of it at the Hospital while my Wife had a battery of MRI's. Remember to look after the ticker Mate, but in the end just sitting in a darkened room twiddling your thumbs will eventually do you in... So you may as well be happy.


Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do.



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No all good Nicko...


We think they know what she has, and it's non-progressive at this stage. They are just looking for the confirmation. Half a dozen Doctors and they can't seem to reach a consensus on what they're looking at.


Kind of sounds like the Buelen on the 1/32 Revell Bf109G-6!


I think I need a drink now...



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Sorry to hear that Steve, I wish her all the very best and a speedy recovery.  


PS: I know what they're like (MRI's) - I've had loads and they're never pleasant and, in fact,  I'm having a Brain Scan and an MRI on Thursday afternoon (and before someone says it.. they're probably looking for the reason I'm a retailer in the modelling world !  :D

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