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Modeling Cave


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Afternoon All,


I am still trying to make my new modeling space workable. I seem to closing in on the final arrangement. The space itself is challenging dimensionally. It is a walk-in closet about 7' long, but slightly less than four feet wide, i.e an extremely long and narrow space. This seems to be the best arrangement: A desk against the narrow end wall, with a small computer cart holding the paint booth behind me. The bottom shelf of the cart also holds the bulk of my reference materials and is also a handy place to store the compressor when not in use. A swiveling office chair allows me to transition between the desk and cart in a 360-degree fashion.


My original plan had two desks lined against the long wall, with a smaller table against the narrow end wall holding the paint booth. This arrangement prevented me from tilting the chair back, forcing me to sit constantly upright with my belly shoved into the desk. A less than comfy orientation, to say the least, so this is working out much better.


The Ott-Lites were a perfect solution to the "crane" style lights that I had in the old space (although those now light the paint booth).


Their is also a floor vent in here that pipes in a brisk flow of chilled air (a welcome feature in Memphis in the summer).


Now, on to gluing those bits of styrene and resin together. They will hopefully resemble an ME-163 when all together.






The "paint stores" are located on shelving overhead:



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