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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

WnW Albatros D.V flown by Kurt Monnington


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Thanks guys. This is one of my favorite schemes as well.


Awesome choice Kevin! I will love to see how you do the overall black paint!


Me too, man! Going to take some practice to get the translucency of the black paint over the wood panels just so. Not to mention all those overlapping layers of paint and decals, decals and paint...

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So, first attempt at using a new craft cutter, inspired by Dave in his WNW D.VIIF - Wilhelm Hippert's "Mimmi" thread, was to use its built-in software to trace a scan of Monnington's personal insignia. Here's the first test, cut out of post-it note paper:





Have some adjustments to make to clean up a few of the cut lines, especially around the teeth, but it's already pretty close. Have some Tamiya masking sheets coming any day now and hope to make a test run with the airbrush soon.


Thanks to Dave for the inspiration this week!

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Hi Kevin,


Well shucks, that's just fantastic. Surprising how easy it is, yes?


I've been using Tamiya masking sheet and it works well. You can set the cutter to only cut the masking material and not the backing sheet - I think my blade is set at "1". For multipart masks, I lay strips of Tamiya tape across the cut mask before I try and lift it off the backing material. You can then transfer the entire mask to the model surface, remove the tape and then selectively remove portions of the mask.


Here is a question for the mods -- can we upload files to this website and set them up as download links? If several of us have these cutters, seems we might start an on-line library and share cutter files. Just a thought.







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